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Please see below for some of our most-commonly asked questions on Regulator models ranging from the original 26 to recent model years. Don’t see your question? Contact our Customer Service team using the form above!


What size cooler fits under the Leaning Post or SuperSport Leaning Post?

Coolers no bigger than the following:

  • Leaning Post: 16 ½ inches (depth) x 29 in. (width) x 19in. (height)
  • SuperSport Leaning Post: 18 ½ in. (depth) x 33 in. (width) x 19 in. (height)

Suggested Coolers:

  • Leaning Post: YETI® Cooler Tundra 45 or Igloo Cooler 54
  • SuperSport Leaning Post: YETI® Cooler Tundra 75 or Igloo Cooler 72


What size anchor fits my Regulator?

Regulators 24XO and 26XO: Fortress FX-11

Regulators 23-24: Hooker Quick-set 10HQ
Regulators 23-26: Guardian G-11
Regulators 28-34: Danforth Deepset II 1800       


What type of fuel is recommended?

Regulator, in accordance with Yamaha recommendations, recommends 89 Octane fuel with no more than 10% Ethanol content.


Does my boat have two fuel tanks? There are two fills.

All new Regulators only have one gas tank and one gas fill. Older Regulators have two gas fills and one tank. Older Regulators with three gas fills have auxiliary tanks. The only exception is the 30 Express, which has two tanks and two fills.


Are the fuel tanks aluminum or plastic?

Regulators have always used aluminum fuel tanks. Note: even older fuel hoses were ethanol approved.


My fuel gauge isn't working. What do I do? How do I check my fuel tank sending unit?

First, check the sending unit. The sending unit is located under the inspection cover near the tackle center or livewell/tackle center. Remove pink wire from sending unit and ground to top of the fuel tank. The fuel gauge should read with key in the on position. If the fuel gauge reads full, your sending unit is defective. If the fuel gauge does not have a reading, your gauge is defective. We recommend you bring your boat to your dealer.


What size transducer fits my pocket?

Air Mar B260 or B275


My boat has three batteries. What charges these electronic batteries?

Yamaha uses an isolator wire from the engines to charge the electronics battery without losing charging capacity to the cranking batteries.


What type/size of batteries should I buy for my boat?

Yamaha recommends a Cranking-Type battery that can have distilled water added to its cells when necessary.
Dual Purpose Cranking/Deep-Cycle batteries can be used if they meet the below specifications and water can be added to the cells.
Maintenance-Free sealed or Gel Cell batteries are not recommended. They may not be compatible with Yamaha’s charging system.


Engine Size Minimum Battery Specifications   
HP Size CCA Cold Cranking Amps @0°C MCA Marine Cranking Amps @32°C RC Reverse Capacity Minutes @ 25 Amps Group
4-Stroke F150 - F300 512 675 182 27
4-Stroke F350 750 950 182 31

 *Please contact us in the factory for additional battery specs on various engine sizes.


How do I drain water from the in-deck fishbox?

All Regulator center fishboxes are connected to a macerator pump and must be pumped out - they do not gravity drain. The switch for the macerator pump is on your center console rocker panel, and is labeled Fishbox.


What capacity trailer should I buy for my boat?

Before purchasing a trailer, contact your Regulator Dealer for their input.


What is the bridge clearance for my model?

Bridge clearance is the highest point from waterline to the tallest option with antennas and outriggers in the down position.
Regulator 23 and 25 – 110”
Regulator 31 – 121”
Regulator 28 and 34 – 117”
Regulator 37 – 135” (203” with Dual Helm Station Tower)
Regulator 41 – 128” (194” with Dual Helm Station Tower)

Regulator 24XO – 99.5”

Regulator 26XO – 108”
If your model is not listed, please call Customer Service.


Can the power assist pump be relocated to a different location?

It cannot on newer models. The power assist on older models can be relocated to the current location in the bilge.


How much does boot striping cost?

Regulator stocks and sells 150-foot rolls for current year model striping. Please contact your Regulator Dealer to place your order.


Where can I get more information about gelcoat colors and parts numbers?

Gelcoats applied prior to 2008 were made by Cook Composites and Polymers. Gelcoats applied between 2008-2010 were manufactured by Valspar. Gelcoats applied since 2010 are made by Ashland. Please call Customer Service or call Mini-Craft of Florida, Inc. at 352.748.5267.


What engines come on my particular model and what are my repower options?

Power options and standards vary per model. The Regulator 32 manufactured prior to 2008 cannot be re-powered with V8 engines. The Regulator 26 manufactured prior to 2002 has a smaller, two-stroke bracket and will not accept the four-stroke Yamaha engines. Please call Customer Service or your Regulator Dealer for more information.


What parts do I need to update my scuppers?

Current scuppers will retrofit on all older models that used the fiberglass scupper tube. Parts needed: two black oval plenums and two stainless steel trim rings with black rubber flaps. Contact your Regulator Dealer or Customer Service for more information.


Is there wood in my Regulator?

All Regulator models built after 2003 use all composite core materials, and all Regulator models have composite core transoms.


Where can I order replacement parts for my Regulator?

Contact your dealer and they will help you order the part you require!